Question: Is The Mastiff Good Apex Season 5?

How much damage does a wingman do with Skullpiercer?

Skullpiercer Rifling increases the headshot multiplier of the Wingman from 2x to 2.25x.

Evo Shields increase hitpoints.

Low Profile increases damage taken by 5%.

Fortified decreases damage taken by 15%..

How does the peacekeeper work apex?

The Peacekeeper has a spread pattern that looks similar to a star. When you pair a Precision Choke Hop-up with the Peacekeeper, it gives you the ability to hold down the aim button and charge up your shot. When you charge your shot, you’ll be able to fire a much closer spread, making the damage even more lethal.

What is the strongest gun in Apex?

The KraberThe Kraber is undoubtedly the best weapon in Apex Legends. Body shots will take out even Legendary armour, and headshots will instantly knock an enemy. It’s powerful, but it is a legendary weapon only found in supply drops, which will be marked on the map by three blue rings that ripple like water.

Are mastiffs good apex?

The Apex Legends Mastiff is a Shotgun that uses Unique Ammo and does 144 Damage Per Second with a maximum of 144 Damage Per Shot….Apex Legends Mastiff Stats.Maximum Per Shot Damage144Maximum Per Head Shot Damage288Damage Per Second (Body)144Damage Per Second (Headshot)288May 10, 2019

Is the mastiff better than the peacekeeper?

The Mastiff is still a strong shotgun, but it already has a slow rate of fire compared to the Peacekeeper. … Now, the gun seems to be able to deal damage akin to the former Peacekeeper, but the even slower rate of fire means the penalty for missing shots is much harsher than the old top-tier shotgun.

What’s the best gun in Apex Season 5?

So if you can get close enough and line up your shots correctly, you can consistently deal 100+ damage.#4 Havoc. PIN IT. The time to kill for this AR is almost similar to the VK-47 Flatline, even without the charge-up. … #3 R-99. PIN IT. … #2 Prowler. PIN IT. … #1 Best weapon in Apex Legends Season 5: Wingman. PIN IT.

How much damage does the mastiff do in Apex Season 5?

This Mastiff guide is just one tiny part of our massive Apex Legends tips series, which we’ve packed with general info and advanced tips and tricks….Mastiff stats (basic)NameMastiff ShotgunTactical/Full Reload1.03s/1.70sDPS104Projectiles Per Shot8Body/Head/Leg DMG13/16.25/13 (104/130/104)9 more rows•May 19, 2020

What are good Apex weapons?

Volt — Energy Submachine Gun. The Season 6 submachine gun has stormed into the Apex Legends meta at breakneck speed and isn’t slowing down. … Mastiff — Shotgun. … Wingman — Heavy Pistol. … Eva-8 Auto — Shotgun. … VK-47 Flatline — Heavy Assault Rifle. … Havoc — Energy Rifle. … G7 Scout — Light Assault Rifle. … Alternator — Light SMG.More items…•

Who is the best legend in Apex?

Best Legends to use in Apex Legends Season 5: Ultimate tier listWraith. No surprises here, Wraith has consistently been among the most powerful Legends in the game, thanks to a number of inherent advantages she has. … Mirage. Mirage started off life in Apex Legends as a very underpowered character. … Bloodhound. … Wattson. … Caustic. … Lifeline. … Bangalore. … Pathfinder.More items…•

Did the Mastiff get nerfed?

Its fast damage made it the perfect weapon for players dominating their opponents. … After applying a nerf to the weapon, it was then added to the base loot, no longer a hard-to-find legendary weapon. Mastiff Shotgun’s damage has been reduced to 13 damage per pellet while its headshot multiplier dropped from 2 to 1.25.

How much damage does a mastiff do?

Shotgun Shells. It fires 8 pellets in the shape of a horizontal line, which decreases in width while aiming down the sights, reducing spread and thus increasing accuracy….Mastiff ShotgunRate of Fire60 RPMDamageHead16 (1.25x) per pellet 128 (16×8) totalBody13 per pellet 104 (13×8) total11 more rows

How do you get the mastiff armor?

Crafting. To assemble the full set, 2 stacks of Enchanted Diamonds, 24 stacks of Enchanted Dark Oak Wood (to craft the prerequisite Armor of Growth), 2 stacks of Enchanted Gold, and 16 Golden Teeth (8 stacks of Enchanted Gold and 32 stacks of Wolf Teeth) are required.

What gold guns are in Apex legends?

Gold weapon bunkers in Apex Legends Season 6 You used to be able to get guaranteed gold equipment like knockdown shields and backpacks inside, but now they harbor weapons. These include fully kitted out versions of the Devotion LMG, VK-47 Flatline, Triple Take sniper rifle, and the Mastiff Shotgun.

What gun in Apex does the most damage?

As the only single-shot assault rifle, the G7 Scout is also the highest-damage AR in the game, dealing 60 damage per headshot and functioning as more of a DMR than an AR.