Question: What Is Emma Watson’S IQ?

Who is stronger Harry or Hermione?

People have already said it, but Harry wins this.

Hermione is smart, but not smart in the sense of dueling.

As long as Hermione knew what’s happening and knew what was coming, at the VERY least she would give him a very, very hard time.

However, Harry is MUCH more trained in combat than she is..

What does Emma Watson do now?

Watson has been very busy since her time on the Harry Potter set came to a close. However, much of her work hasn’t involved acting at all. In 2014, she became a UN ambassador and launched the HeForShe campaign for gender equality.

Is Percy smarter than Hermione?

Percy was the better student. Hermione might have been brilliant.. but overall.. She memorized her books instead of actually learning their content (much less comparing the content of various books+.. Lockhart is a good example there.

Who is Shawn Mendes crush?

Shawn Mendes DOES have a celebrity crush and it’s NOT Camila Cabello – it’s Harry Potter star Emma Watson! … It was in 2016 when Shawn first announced his love for Emma. Shawn tweeted, “Emma Watson okay. Here it is.

Is Draco Malfoy a powerful wizard?

Often overlooked, Draco is actually an incredibly powerful wizard who shows great power both during and after his time at Hogwarts. … He performs complicated magic, crafts cunning plans and is even recruited by one of the most powerful wizards of all time.

What is Hermione Granger’s IQ?

Hermione Granger Personality StatisticsTraitAverage ratingNumber of ratershigh IQ (not low IQ)97.4344competent (not incompetent)97.3328diligent (not lazy)97.2327self-disciplined (not disorganized)96.836892 more rows

Is Ginny more powerful than Harry?

14 Ginny Weasley The youngest Weasley child and only daughter wasn’t just Harry Potter’s love interest, she was an extremely capable witch who arguably had more power than her famous partner.

Who has a crush on Emma Watson?

star Rupert GrintHarry Potter star Rupert Grint admits crush on Emma Watson. The multi-millionaire actor called the 19-year-old actress, who plays Hermione Granger, “a pretty girl” and said she was “popular with the cast”.

Who are Emma Watson’s best friends?

Another surprising Emma Watson friend – from her political activism – is the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. But a lot of Watson’s celebrity best friends are actors, such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Ezra Miller.

Who is the smartest witch in Harry Potter?

Even though she was the daughter of two Muggle dentists, Hermione Granger came to be known as the brightest witch of her age. It’s a label she consistently lived up to. The most obvious sign of Hermione’s intelligence was her academic achievements.

Did Daniel Radcliffe have a crush on Emma Watson?

1. Both Rupert Grint And Daniel Radcliffe Had Crushes On Emma Watson. To nobody’s surprise, Rupert Grint revealed that both he and Daniel Radcliffe harbored small crushes on their costar. … Emma’s a pretty girl.

What is Emma Watson’s real hair color?

light brown hairEmma Watson actually had to dye her hair darker for the first three movies. Emma naturally has light brown hair. Her hair changed in every movie, the instances being: In the first film, her hair is medium brown.

What is Emma Watson’s personality?

Emma Watson is highly emotional, even mercurial and experiences much nervous tension, which could make her high strung. She is roused to love and anger quickly and can be stubborn and proud.

What is Dumbledore’s IQ?

Albus Dumbledore Personality StatisticsTraitAverage ratingRating standard deviationhigh IQ (not low IQ)93.712.6🧙 (not 👨‍🚀)92.917.0pro (not noob)91.617.6intellectual (not physical)91.413.192 more rows

Why was Emma Watson cast as Belle?

“Emma Watson was our first — and really our only — choice for Belle,” director Bill Condon said, “for a lot of reasons: her talent, her beauty, her intelligence.” He also said that the actress is similar to Belle because she is strong and independent.

What is the weakest wand in Harry Potter?

Here are 20 Harry Potter Wands, Ranked from Weakest to Strongest.1 The Elder Wand.2 Lord Voldemort’s Wand. … 3 Gellert Grindelwald’s Wand. … 4 Professor Snape’s Wand. … 5 Professor McGonagall’s Wand. … 6 Bellatrix Lestrange’s Wand. … 7 Professor Flitwick’s Wand. … 8 Remus Lupin’s Wamd. … More items…•

Did Hermione kiss Draco?

One day, Draco decides to erase Hermione’s memories. … During the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione and Draco reunite on the room of requirement. That’s a symbolic place for them cause that’s where they exchanged their first kiss, that’s why Hermione recovers her memories but it’s too late since she’s already with Ron.

Is Hermione Voldemort’s daughter?

Description: Hermione — the daughter of Tom Riddle, later — Voldemort`s. The father taught his daughter to hate and taught to her evil magic, so he thinks that Hermione certainly will gets in Slytherin. … Hermione, under the Imperio, went to school on the Hogwarts-Express.