Question: Which Is The Highest Onion Producing State In India?

Which country is largest producer of onion?

World’s top 8 onion producing countriesChina.

Production: 22,300,000 tonnes.India.

Production: 19,299,000 tonnes.

The United States of America.

Production: 3,159,400 tonnes.


Production: 2,381,551 tonnes.


Production: 1,984,937 tonnes.


Production: 1,904,846 tonnes.


Production: 1,903,000 tonnes.


Production: 1,660,800 tonnes.


Which state is known as apple state of India?

HimachalThis suitability of Himachal has resulted in shifting of land use pattern from agriculture to fruit crops in the past few decades and the state is known as ‘fruit bowl of nation’.

Which state is famous for oranges in India?

StateArea (‘000 Ha.)Production (‘000 MT)Madhya Pradesh11.7186.6Assam6.071.0Orissa7.240.3West Bengal3.734.96 more rows

Why does onion make us cry?

Onions produce the chemical irritant known as syn-propanethial-S-oxide. It stimulates the eyes’ lachrymal glands so they release tears. … The synthase enzyme converts the amino acids sulfoxides of the onion into sulfenic acid. The unstable sulfenic acid rearranges itself into syn-ropanethial-S-oxide.

What state provides the most food?

CaliforniaCalifornia ranks first in the U.S. for agricultural cash receipts followed by Iowa, Texas, Nebraska and Illinois. California ranks first in the United States for agricultural cash receipts followed by Iowa, Texas, Nebraska and Illinois.

What state has the best tomatoes?

California California StateCalifornia California State produces 255,388 thousand centum weight (cwt) of tomatoes each year. Consequently, it is the highest producer of tomatoes in the US and among the highest tomato producers in the world.

Which state is the largest producer of onion in India?

MaharashtraAreas of Cultivation : The Major Onion producing states area Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Telangana. Maharashtra ranks first in Onion production with a share of 28.32%.

Which state in India produces the most?

10 Largest Agricultural Producing States of IndiaRice – West Bengal. West Bengal is the largest producer of rice in India, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab.Wheat – Uttar Pradesh. … Sugarcane – Uttar Pradesh. … Jute – West Bengal. … Tea – Assam. … Coffee – Karnataka. … Pulses – Madhya Pradesh. … Rubber – Kerala.

Why onions are so costly?

The current spike in the onion prices is attributed to the excess rain this year due to which farmers could not harvest their crop in time, leading to an acute shortage of onion supply in the market.

Which state is No 1 in agriculture in India?

Uttar Pradesh is the largest agriculture producing state of India. It is the largest producer of wheat along with being the largest producer of sugarcane and food grains in the country. Uttar Pradesh is also the second largest producer of rice, bajra, barley and other pulses.

What is the onion capital of the world?

ElbaElba claims to be the “Onion Capital of the World.” Torrey Farms, one of the largest farms in New York, is located in Elba with about 8,000 acres (32 km2).

Which state produces the most onions?

CaliforniaCalifornia is the largest onion producer in the US, and is the only state to produce both spring and summer-harvested onions. In 2015, it produced 31% of the nation’s total onion crop. For summer-harvested onions other important producers are Washington and Oregon.

Which place is famous for onion?

Maximum onion production takes place in Maharashtra (4905.0 thousand tons) state followed by Karnataka (2592.2 thousand tons), Gujarat (1514.1 thousand tons.), Bihar (1082.0 thousand tons.), Madhya Pradesh (1021.5 thousand tons.) and Andhra Pradesh (812.6 thousand tons).