Quick Answer: How Much Did Pepe Cost Arsenal?

How many Assist does Pepe have for Arsenal?

6 Assists 6Premier League RecordAppearances37Goals6Assists6.

Why did Pepe leave Real Madrid?

I decided that I would leave in January when I saw that talks were not going anywhere and the way I was being treated by the club wasn’t ideal. That was when I started to mentally prepare myself for the realization that my time at Real Madrid was coming to an end. I have given everything for Real Madrid”.

Is Pepe still playing for Real Madrid?

In the 2015–16 season, Pepe made nine appearances in the Champions League and 31 appearances in all competitions. … In his last year playing for Real Madrid, Pepe had an injury-riddled season, in where he made 13 appearances, when Madrid won La Liga and the Champions League.

How much did Nicolas Pepe cost Arsenal?

Arsenal have signed Ivory Coast winger Nicolas Pepe from Lille for a club record fee of £72m. The 24-year-old has signed a five-year contract at Emirates Stadium after having a medical on Tuesday.

How much money did Arsenal spend this transfer window?

Arsenal: Spent £77.7m, Sold £20m It was looking like a frugal transfer window for the Gunners with their main outlay coming in the shape of defender Gabriel, who cost £27m.

Who spent most money in EPL?

Courtesy of Transfermarkt, we’ve ranked the 20 current Premier League clubs by their net spend over the past five years.Man City – £601.98m.Man Utd – £484.88m.Arsenal – £267.88m.Everton – £225.42m.Brighton – £214.86m.Wolves – £205.22m.West Ham – £187.49m.Bournemouth – £176.95m.More items…•

Can Arsenal sign Coutinho?

Arsenal are close to signing Brazilian duo Philippe Coutinho and Willian – despite the club announcing 55 redundancies on Wednesday. The Telegraph have reported that the Gunners are in the driving seat to take Coutinho on loan from Barcelona and his £240,000 a week wages aren’t thought to be a problem.

How old is Nicolas Pepe?

25 years (May 29, 1995)Nicolas Pépé/Age

Which country is Pepe of Arsenal from?

FrenchIvorianNicolas Pépé/Nationality

Who does Pepe play for?

FC PortoPepe/Current teams

How many times has Pepe been sent off?

Pepe hasn’t actually been sent off as many times as you would think, picking up just four reds since 2009.

Which club is Nicolas Pepe?

Arsenal F.C.Nicolas Pépé/Current teams

Who is the best player in Arsenal 2019?

Pierre-Emerick AubameyangPierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the current holder of the Arsenal Player of the Season award.

Where is Pepe now?

FC PortoPepe/Current teams

How much is Pepe worth?

At the top are Kylian Mbappe and Raheem Sterling – the only two players valued at over €200m (£169.8m). And coming in at number 28 on the list is Pepe, valued at €93.5m (£79.4m).

Is Pepe a flop?

Arsenal’s £72m winger Pepe is one of the flops of the season and ‘bad business’, says BBC pundit Jenas. ARSENAL winger Nicolas Pepe has been among the flop signings of the season, according to Jermaine Jenas. … A tally of five goals and six assists in the 25-year-old’s debut Premier League season has underwhelmed Jenas.

What rating is Pepe on FIFA 20?

82Player Stats Nicolas Pépé He is currently 25 years old and plays as a Wide Midfielder for Arsenal in England. His overall rating in FIFA 20 is 82 with a potential of 87. Pépé has got a 4-star skillmoves rating.

Who is the most expensive player in the Premier League 2020?

Manchester United have a history of being the leading spenders in England and star man Paul Pogba remains the Prem’s priciest ever player.