What Was Richard Sherman Wonderlic Score?

What is Tom Brady’s IQ?

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

(Tom Brady) IQ Score: 150 | Celebrity IQs..

Who is the smartest player in the NFL?

1) Pat McInally, punter, retired, Cincinnati Bengals The third Harvard man mentioned, McInally is the only player in NFL history who has a verified perfect score on the Wonderlic.

Is Wonderlic an IQ test?

Simply put, the Wonderlic test is the most common pre-employment cognitive ability test. In English, that means that the Wonderlic is an IQ test given to job applicants.

What was Tua Tagovailoa Wonderlic score?

13The Athletic’s Bob McGinn reports that ex-Alabama star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa scored a woeful 13 on the Wonderlic test, administered by the NFL to draft prospects before the draft.

What NFL player scored the highest on the Wonderlic test?

48 — Kevin Curtis (wide receiver) Curtis posted the highest recorded Wonderlic score by a wide receiver in NFL history and was selected in the third round in 2003 by the Rams.

Who scored the lowest on the Wonderlic test?

Darren Davis – 4 (Undrafted, later played Canadian Football) Morris Claiborne – 4 (first-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, lowest score ever known by an NFL player) Mario Manningham – 6 (third-round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft) Frank Gore – 6 (third-round pick in the 2005 NFL Draft)

Why does the NFL use the Wonderlic?

The unique ability of the Wonderlic test to shine a light on a person’s performance under pressure was the reason the NFL adopted its use. … The highest scoring positions in the NFL are Offensive Tackle, Center, Quarterback, and Guard, which also happen to be the more strategically important positions within a team.

Who has the highest Wonderlic score ever?

Kevin Curtis48: Kevin Curtis, wide receiver He holds the record for highest Wonderlic score among wide receivers who have taken the test. Curtis finished his eight-year career with 258 catches, clocking in at 3,297 yards and 20 touchdowns.

What is Ryan Fitzpatrick IQ?

Ryan Fitzpatrick Fitzmagic is probably the most well-known and talked about player for academics. That’s largely due to the fact that you don’t find many quarterbacks who come from Harvard. Not only did Ryan Fitzpatrick graduate from the prestigious school, but he also posted a Wonderlic score of 48.